Drone Tinkering kit

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Make your Ideas AIRBORNE!!

  • This Quadcopter Introductory Combo Kit will assist you in learning how to fly a quadcopter. Put on your safety goggles, pull out the soldering iron, and start soldering.


It can be really exciting and challenging to put together your first quadcopter components list and carry them home. Corechamp has a solution for someone new to the multirotor hobby. It might be difficult to decide what to buy and what pieces will go together, especially for those without experience with radio-controlled helicopters or planes. The Corechamp Drone Kit is here to teach you everything from assembling the drone to sending it on its first flight for those who want to build a quadcopter but aren’t sure where to begin.

Features of Product

1. The Corechamp Drone Kit includes everything you need to get started with Drone-related projects and experiments.
2. It is an extensive starter kit that includes Solder-and-Use Components, a Programmable Brain for Connectivity and Control, motors, and a speed controller. Transmitter & receiver, propellers, and power source with detailed instructions for the complete assembly to flight stage of your drone.
3. All components are high-quality and the kit is also very compact, you can take it anywhere, with all the necessary details to carry out any project.

What included in this

1. Drone Framekit – PCB Version Frame Kit with Integrated PCB
3. Propellers
4. ESC Electronic Speed Controller
5. Flight Controller
6. Transmitter
7. Lithium polymer battery Pack (LiPo)
8. Lipo Voltage Checker 2-8S
9. Silicon Wire


1. Understand the principles of Drone Flight
2. Explore all the components required to build a drone.
3. Learn how to assemble and solder the drone components.
4. Investigate how to program the flight controller of your drone.
5. Learn how to pilot and fly the drone.


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