Emma & Eddy


Create your Art and Racing Robots!

  • Vibro robots are fun little robots built from vibrating motors and some simple material. Students will get the opportunity to exercise artistic creativity while learning science and engineering..


A fun approach to learning about fundamental engineering concepts, motors, electronics, and balancing principles is with the Corechamp Vibro Robot Kit. It’s easy to build a bot; just connect the pieces to the precut sections and watch them move. By altering the balance and pipe cleaners, you can alter how they move and act.

Features of Product

1. Child-friendly kit with an intuitive assembly procedure
2. Learn about the basic component of a vibration-based robot
3. Fun add-ons like decorations and design modifications
4. Robust materials used to improve the life of the kit
5. A mix of creativity, art, electronics, circuits & robotics

What included in this

1. Doodle Robot assembly parts
2. Bristle Robot assembly parts
3. Sketch pens
4. Electronics – Motor, Battery, connectors
5. Manual


1. Art-making robot
2. Bristle racing robot


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