Mechanical Construction Kit

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Let your child learn mechanical construction with safe building blocks. Safe and simple-to-use Mechanix toys and develop special skills that will be useful for his or her bright future.


Ignite your child’s engineering ingenuity and creative instincts by offering Mechanix Robotix. It is designed to promote a child’s early development by providing hours of rich and constructive fun. Your child will enjoy playing with this safe and amusing building game by using a variety of special tools and small parts. Innovative Construction Set to Motivate Junior Engineers Zephyr Mechanix to ys have immense potential to help young minds think independently and try to construct cars, motorbikes, and planes just to name a few.

No wonder Mechanix toys have been recognized as one of the best educational toys by the All India Toy Manufacturer’s Association. You may even be surprised to see their ingenious acumen in using different tools and fixing small pieces to create innovative toys all by themselves. Mechanix toys can be wonderfully interactive if they are shared with friends. Parents can also enjoy joining children to try and build different cars, planes, and many more structures. Ideal Activity that Boosts Early Learning You need to provide a fertile ground for the development of your child’s creative instincts. Mechanix toys enhance multiple skills such as the motor and cognitive ability to grow children by offering them the freedom of using tools to connect small pieces. They have a natural fascination for building something by using different materials and Mechanix toys provide them with a wonderful opportunity to use and sharpen their skills. Do-it-yourself kits such as Mechanix toys are exclusively created for children by using quality metal and plastic material. These are accompanied by easy-to-use tools and are safe for children. They can learn to use these tools constructively to create different models of vehicles. Mechanix toys are provided with simple instruction manuals that help children enjoy pleasure of creative satisfaction. Let your child learn while playing with safe and simple-to-use Mechanix toys and develop special skills that will be useful for his or her bright future. Key Features Develops hand/eye coordination Rounded pieces with a flawless finish to ensure safety Easy to understand manual guide to help children Toy category: Educational toy Aids imagination, manual dexterity, creativity, abstract thinking, and mechanical expertise Material: High quality steel and plastic with brilliant finish Ideal gift for loved ones

About this item
Its soft
Easy to play
A perfect gift for your loved ones
Robotix -3 is a large and versatile Motorized set with many components like spur gears and worm gears that allow the child to not only create great models but also bring them to life with a powerful motor.
Introduce your child to the vast field of engineering by surprising him with this Robotix 3 Mechanix from Zephyr. See your child’s imagination going to greater heights with this at his disposal.
All the complexities and joy involved with having a motor help the user understand robotics and build real-life machines.
This airplane and car set comes with 215 pieces that can be assembled using the step-wise user guide that is provided with the toy.
This is bound to boost his creative imagination and enhance his hand-eye coordination.


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