Build your own drone by identifying the requirements of your drone. Prepare the list of specifications for your Drone by answering the following questions from your learning and some online research.

  1. Target Size of the Drone-
  2. Number of rotors/Frame setup-
  3. Frame material-
  4. Landing gear-
  5. Propeller-
  6. Propeller Guards-
  7. Shell – Yes/NO-
  8. Material of shell-
  9. Flight Controller-
  10. Coding language-
  11. Sensors-
  12. Motor specs-
  13. Battery-

If you have a Drone and successfully build your own drone. Here is a simple activity for you guys.

Create a path using tape or chart-paper on the ground. Hold your Drone at a height of your knees from the ground. Try to control your drone at this height and follow the particular path.