Take your pen and write down its measurements like length, diameter etc.

Let’s start-

Step 1: Drag a polygon and a hollow cylinder from the shapes.

Step 2: Align them together and group them.

Step 3: Drag a cylinder from shapes to make the inner part of the pen.

Step 4: Drag a hollow cylinder and place inside the solid cylinder as shown in figure. Leave bottom part of cylinder intact.

Step 5: Group them.

Step 6: Align both the shapes as shown to make the pen.

Step 7: Select the shape and adjust the dimensions according to your noted measurements.

Step 8: To make the front part of pen, drag a cone and place it as shown.

Step 9: Drag spiral from shape generators.

Step 10: Align them as shown below to create the inside spirals.

Step 11: Group them together.

Step 12: Increase the height of cylinder inside the pen case. Drag another spiral shape.

Step 13: Align them as shown and group them together.

Step 14: Now, drag another hollow cylinder.

Step 15: Align them as shown.

Step 16: Group them to create a hole.

Step 17: Finally, the pen is created.

Similarly, create pen-cap and other designs.