Activity- Create a House structure

Step 1: Create a rectangle.

Step 2: Drag a hollow box and place it in between the rectangle to create the walls of house.

Step 3: Group them.

Step 4: Take another hollow box and place it such that it forms a opening for door in the house.

Step 5: Group them.

 Step 6: Drag another hollow box and place it to create a window.

Step 7: Copy the box and place it adjacent to the first.

Step 8: Group them.

Step 9: As the base of house is created. To from the roof of the house. Place a workplane (Ctrl+ W) on the top surface of base.

 Step 10: Drag roof shape and align it on the top of the base.

Step 11: Hence the house is formed. You can do further modifications to make this more attractive.