Activity- Create a Pen case

Step 1: Select a solid cylinder and a hollow cylinder shape and place them on the workplane.

Step 2: Place the hollow cylinder inside the solid cylinder.

Step 3: Group them together to create a hole inside the cylinder.

Step 4: Increase the height of the object according to the length of your pen.

Step 5: To create a Cap of cover, select another workplane using workplane icon and place it on the tap of cylinder. Drag a cone on to the workplane.

Step 6: Invert the cone and place another cone and change it to hollow.

Step 7: Invert the hollow cone also and place it inside the solid cone.

Step 8: Group them together to create a hole.

Step 9: Invert the shape and place it on the top of the cylinder such that it gets fixed inside it.

Step 10: Remove the second workplane and your cover is ready.