Activity- Create your own name in 3D

Let’s look at an example of adding text to a curved surface.

Step 1: First, create the wave shape by using the Extruded Curve or S Wall-shape from Shape generators.

Step 2: Drag the Text shape from right panel and enter your text. Rotate the Text to make it perpendicular to the S-Wall shape.

Step 3: Move the Text to cross the wave object, as shown below.

Step 4: Cover the Wall shape with a Box shape, while letting the Text shape pop out in the front and back. Optionally, let the curved Wall shape stick out to easily select it later.

Step 5: Set the Text as hole. Group Text and Box, use Shift key to select.

 Step 6: Set new group as hole. Now your design will look like as shown below.

Step 7: Select the wave shape, use Ctrl + D to duplicate the object in the same location. If you had the shape stick out, now change the height of its duplicate to less than the grouped Box-and-Text hole. select the whole pattern. Now group these two objects. The result should be as shown below.

Step 9: Use the arrows on your keyboard to move the letters a bit out of the wave and change the color.

Similarly, you can try to add text on spherical surface.