Activity- LED glowing circuit.

In the last topic, you learned about how to connect the battery to the breadboard. Here, we will learn how to glow a simple LED using Tinkercad.

Let’s start.

Step 1: Take out a breadboard and battery as shown.

Step 2: Take out a 7805 IC and place it on the breadboard as shown.

Step 3: Take LED from the components and place it on the breadboard according to your need.

Step 4: Take a resistor and place it as shown on the breadboard.

Step 5: Connect one end of resistor to the positive rail with the wire and second to the long lead of LED.

Step 6: Connect other end of LED to the ground rail as shown.

Step 7: To test the circuit, click on ‘Start Simulation’.

As you can see, the LED starts glowing. Similarly, you can create any type of circuit and check its working before performing practically.