It’s fun to throw a Boomerang, just like Mowgli did. The unique body and curves of a Boomerang make it the only projectile that can fly parallel to the ground and defy gravity!

Throw hand drone upwards and it spins around its axis perpendicular to the direction of flight then watch it magically return like a boomerang .You can throw it and catch it yourself.

Since it also has an automatic takeoff and landing function, there is no problem even without a flat take-off and landing space.

It seems that maneuvering is very easy, and it seems that you can also perform dramas like acrobatic flying.


  • The boomerang provides stealthy, long endurance real- time visual applications and civil applications.

  • Boomerang assures high operational abilities when other systems neither fly or see.

  • Used for military and civilian applications.

  • Monitoring services

  • Homeland securities

  • Environmental management