Creating Patterns

Now you know how to use Duplicate and repeat icon, with the help of this icon you can create different types of patterns.

Linear Pattern

 Drag a roof shape and place it on the workplane and duplicate it.

Invert the duplicate shape and place it at original shape.

Now select the shape and duplicate it.

Hence a linear pattern is formed.

Circular Pattern

Drag a sphere and resize it then duplicate it.

Align the duplicated sphere with original and group them.

Then duplicate them together.

Rotate the duplicated image by some angle.

Duplicate it until it forms a circle.

Hence the circular pattern is formed.

Scaled Pattern

Select a box and make it flat to create a platform. Click on Duplicate and repeat icon or press Ctrl+ D.

Another block appeared at the same position of original block. Drag that block upwards and scale its dimensions

Press the Ctrl+ D and there will another block displaying with same adjustments.

Continue to press Ctrl+ D, you will see a pyramid will formed.

 Here this command records the scaling adjustments, hence created a pyramid structure.