Drone I-spy

Let one child fly the drone over a certain area. In their mind they decide what they spy. They continue to fly the drone over the area allowing the other children to guess what they spy that is on the phone screen.

The great thing about this game is that it doesn’t require much at all – only the drone and a couple of participants.One of the players will take a turn and survey the surrounding area visible from the drone, after which they should tell their friend that they have spied something followed by the first letter of what they have spied. The area in question should also be clearly communicated to the friend so they know where to look with the drone. 

After this point, the other player will get a period of time to handle the drone and search for the object which has been selected. If they fail to find the object within the given timeframe, the round will be repeated with another object, or they will get a turn to spy during the next round if they identify the object correctly.