Flying Steps

Starting of flying :

Go out into the garden and place the drone on the ground with the front (where the camera is) facing away from you. Then, start the motor and gently increase the throttle until the UAV rises off the ground. Just take it a few inches off the ground and hold it there.

Hover Drone:

When your drone is close to the ground, the downdraft from the rotors is reflected up, and make sit hard to keep the UAV steady. Raise it to 1.5m (5ft) and then practice holding its till. This is known as hovering and can be tricky to master.


It’s going to happen, so learn how to get it right by letting the drone crash from a small height. You’ve got to learn how to quickly recognize when a crash is going to happen, then switch off the throttle straight away.


Practice flying your drone short distances in your garden. You’ll be learning the core controls of turning left and right, moving up and down, forward and back.

Roll, Pitch, Yaw:

Tilt your UAV up and down to control the pitch, turn it left and right to control its yaw and wiggle it to control its roll. Pitch the UAV forward and it will go faster because the rotors are pushing it along, but you could also pitch it into the ground if you get it wrong.