Import 3D STLs

An STL file is the most used file format for 3D printing. An STL file stores information about your 3D model. The format represents the raw surface of a model with small triangles. The more complex and detailed the structure is, the more triangles will be used to represent the model. Once your model is created, you need to translate it in a language your 3D printer will understand. The information of an STL file is only describing the geometry of the model, there are no specifications about the texture, the color or the material of your model. It has all the information about the surface of the object, exactly what the 3D printer will print.

We can import 3D STL files in Tinkercad as we can make additional changes to the previous designs. The files download from open source software to access 3D designs which are available in the STL format, we can direct 3d print them or we can import them to Tinkercad as previously said we can to additional work or changes as we need.

To import the STL file, move to activity.