Integrated Development Environment(IDE) Copy

An integrated development environment is a software application that provides comprehensive facilities to computer programmers for software development. It helps programmers by providing tools for various common activities of writing software in a single application. These could be for editing source code, highlighting syntax, building executables files or debugging.

Editing Source Code: Writing code is an important part of programming. We start with a blank file, write a few lines of code, and a program is born! IDEs facilitate this process with features like syntax highlighting and autocomplete.

Syntax Highlighting: An IDE that knows the syntax of your language can provide visual cues. Keywords, words that have special meaning or errors are highlighted with different colors.

Compiler: Compilers are components that translate programming language into a form machines can process, such as binary code. The machine code is analyzed to ensure its accuracy. The compiler then parses and optimizes the code to optimize performance.

Debugging: No programmer can avoid writing bugs and programs with errors. When a program does not run correctly, IDEs provide debugging tools that allow programmers to examine different variables and inspect their code in a deliberate way. IDEs also provide hints while coding to prevent errors before compilation.

It is much easier working with an IDE rather than downloading separate applications for each software development activity.
There are many IDE available on the internet for different types of software. Out of the various IDEs that support Python Language, we need to use the ones where to write analytics and apply data science.