L2.6 – My 3rd Paper Circuit – Series Circuit

In this topic, you will learn an entirely new concept called Series Circuit which will help you understand the flow of current as you continue creating unique and accurate Paper Circuits.

  1. What is a Series Circuit?

A series circuit consists of a single pathway through which electricity can flow. All of the parts of a series circuit—power source, wires, and devices—are connected along the same pathway; the devices are connected one after another, with no branches. Current moves through one device, then the next, and so on.


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Watch the Video Below and let’s Learn how to make our 3rd Paper Circuit – Series Circuit



paper circuits


Congrats C9 - Deflora


This is great, you have been able to make 3 paper circuits so far using the Corechamp Paper Circuits Kit!


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paper circuits


All the best, you are getting better and better!


paper circuits