L4.5 – My 3rd Advanced Level Paper Circuit – Firefly

In this topic, you will make the 3rd model of the advanced-level paper circuits to continue creating unique and accurate Paper Circuits.

  1. What is a Firefly?

Firefly is a bioluminescent insect, which means it can make its own light. A normal (old) light bulb generates 97% heat and only 3% light. Fireflies can transform 95% of energy into light.


Watch the Video Below and let’s Learn how to make our 3rd Advanced Level Paper Circuit – FIREFLY


paper circuits


Keep performing, you have made 3 advanced-level paper circuits using the Corechamp Paper Circuits Kit!

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paper circuits


All the best, you are getting better and better!


After successfully completing the pending L2 Advanced Level Challenge Projects you will be promoted to the L2 Master Consumer Level.


paper circuits