Lighter than air systems

Aircrafts such as balloons and blimps are designed such that when filled with a gas lighter than air (eg. hot air, Helium, Hydrogen), the aircraft displaces the atmospheric air apart and floats in the air like a wooden plank floats in water. The difference in density of gas inside and outside the aircraft creates the lift in these aircrafts.


  • Incredibly light and controllable.

  • Capable of quickly changing direction both during motion or stationery

  • Low fuel consumption

  • Ideal for stationery hovering application for long duration of time over a specific area,

    e.g – sports event, border area surveillance.


  • Highly difficult to operate in difficult weather situations like typhoon, storm, thunder, rain, snowfall, hail, etc.

  • Large surface area makes it difficult to operate in windy condition.