Other sensors

The four major sensors mentioned help in the stabilization of the drone. Apart from these, there are various other sensors that can be equipped on a drone. These sensors require different types of data input as they perform different tasks on a drone. Depending on the purpose of the drone, one can equip the sensors as required.

Following are some other sensors that can be used on a drone:

  • Distance sensors

  • Time of Flight Sensors

  • Thermal sensors

  • Chemical Sensorsu00a0

Sensor is one of the most important components of any drone as it helps in its stabilization. A sensor detects the current condition of the drone (position, orientation, speed, etc) by means of some particular environmental phenomenon. There are various other sensors which can be mounted on a drone for different purposes. These include ance sensors like LRF, LiDAR and SONAR, ToF, thermal sensors and chemical sensors. Let’s discuss these sensors in further topics.