Sphere Drone

Spherical aerial vehicle is developed based on the spherical mobile robots and it combines the characters of spherical mobile robot, so the spherical aerial vehicle can fly in the air freely and move on the ground effectively. Its meshed hollow spherical shell protects the propeller, motors, all control circuits, power supply devices, and inner frame enclosed in spherical shell. Due to the characteristics of its shape, spherical aerial vehicle can land on the ground in arbitrary posture from the flight, and even if the spherical aerial vehicle is out of control, the shell can also effectively protect inner part of the vehicle.

The spherical design protects the inner components of the vehicle and allows the UAV to roll along the floor if the environment permits. The UAV can land and take-off from any orientation and come into contact with objects without putting the propellers at risk. This machine can realize flying in the air by controlling the propeller’s rotation speed and the angle of control flaps. 


The highly maneuverable drone can be operated virtually anywhere, including venues such as concert halls or arenas where it can fly around as part of a performance or deliver advertising messages, event information, etc.