TINKERCAD Navigation

To familiarize yourself with the circuit design homepage:

  1. Change the name of your design here

  2. This is the main toolbar. From the left to the right: Rotate the selected part clockwise, delete the selected part, undo and redo your last action(s), create annotations and toggle their visibility.

  3. Some parts allow you to change their program. Click here to do so.

  4. Start the simulation

  5. Export your design.

  6. Choose the parts to display in the list below. I recommend choosing “All”.

  7. These are the parts you can use.

  8. The main work area. Drag and drop parts here to add them to your design.

  9. Fit everything into the view.

  10. You can generate a list of the necessary components and then build it. To display the list, click the button next to your profile picture.

The camera can be moved by holding down any mouse button and moving your mouse without hovering a part.