What is programming/coding?

Computers are complex machines built to perform complex tasks which only understand a particular set of instructions or a particular language. In order to make computers to do tasks and operations which we want, we have to give instructions which can be understood by it. Otherwise, the computer is just a box which will not be able to do any particular task. Programming/coding is implementing our solution for the problem in a set of instructions or programming language for the computer to solve.

For this purpose of instructing the computer, we have different programming languages. These languages could have different syntax and different formats, but the core logic behind instructing the computer remains the same. Some of the programming languages are C, C++, Java and Python.

Coding is the mode of communication with a machine and in our case, the machine is a drone. In order to make a computer perform a specific task, we can write a set of instructions which can be understood by it.