What is the best way to start learning aeromodelling?

Best way to start learning aeromodelling is, list the necessary stuffs that you need to build your aircraft, take a design from internet and start building it.

Aeromodelling have different things to learn. Either you would be interested in learning how to design an aircraft, or how to fabricate an aircraft, or how to fly an aircraft. So these are the different fields which comes under aeromodelling. Before you start fabricating your own aircraft, you need to go through some basic theories which would obviously interest you, like what are the different forces that act on an airplane when it is in air, how can it be steered through air, learn about different parts of an RC aircraft and functions of each parts. List out all the materials that you would need to build your first RC aircraft.

If you are into designing then install XFLR5, there are videos on YouTube where you can learn how to design and analyse your own aircraft.
If you are into fabrication then you can explore various fabrication techniques like balsa fabrication, styrofoam fabrication, foamboard, composite material fabrication and various others. I would suggest you to start with styrofoam fabrication.
Then there comes different configurations of aircrafts, like trainer airplane, glider, acrobatic plane, fighter, bi plane, VTOLs, etc. All of these needs various fabrication skills. With time you’ll develop more interest and you would want to fabricate all types of models. You can find build docs of different planes online on various RC Forums.
If you are into flying, then you can install a simulation game for practice. I would suggest you to get RealFlight. Before you actually fly your model make sure that you have had enough practice on the simulator. Go about practicing in simulator by first flying the plane in a level flight and then try to fly your plane in rectangles and finally try landing your plane on the airstrip without any bumps. Try landing from both sides of the airstrip. Bring perfection in these and you are ready to fly your real model.


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